Creative Time Management – Book Review – Karen Hogle Brown

Sure, us artists are always trying to be creative on a daily basis with our art form. But lately, I’ve been trying to use my creative brainstorming skills for my daily schedule. After days, weeks, ok, years really, I feel like I get to the end of each day, and while I feel drained, I question whether or not I’ve accomplished enough that day, or what still looms overhead. I have simply gotten tired of feeling tired all the time and wondering
what to do about it.

Twyla Tharp has a great book called “The Creative Habit” that I simply loved reading. She describes how we need to apply our creativity to our daily lives to put ourselves in the best possible scenario in order to practice our art that day. That way when someone comes to us and says, “ok, be creative, RIGHT NOW” we are set up to be able to access that creativity more easily and readily.

After reading her book, I began to ask myself, “what can I be doing on a daily basis to increase efficiency to allow more time for the creative process, and rest? How can I change things from day to day to meet each day’s needs? Clearly what I have been doing in the past is driving me crazy, so how can I brainstorm ways of creating positive change for myself?”

Many of us artists know it is a marathon getting through each day with all we have to do, but if we can turn that marathon into a dance, maybe it won’t be so frustrating. By applying our creative process to our schedule, we can look forward to our day laid out in front of us, no matter how busy it may seem. Even marathon runners agree, its not necessarily the fastest runner that wins, but the one who paces themselves the best for the long haul.

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