Podcast #2: Sam Bodkin


Hey everyone, Jennifer here.

In this episode, I interview Sam Bodkin, the visionary creator of Groupmuse, an online platform that makes it possible for anyone to hold a classical music concert in their home. Groupmuse has become a major movement that creates new forums for musicians and is achieving its goal of introducing people to classical music in a whole new way.

In addition to discussing his work with Groupmuse, we talked about Sam’s experience living an artistically-enriched professional life. I found this to be a really fascinating interview and am trying to incorporate some of Sam’s time management and scheduling techniques into my own daily process.

Check out Episode 2 with Sam Bodkin on iTunes or stream it below, as part of the Pedal Note Media Network.

Here are some highlights:

  • How Sam discovered his mission to build audiences for classical music
  • The idea that being a professional and being a human being should be more merged
  • Sam’s commitment to himself: “I have to make it a priority every day to read and listen to music”
  • Why “work/life” balance is a misnomer (at least for creative professionals)
    “What you do in the off hours – that’s what constitutes your interiors, your values”
  • The challenge of “self-management” for people who creates their own schedules
  • Sam’s awesome strategies for making the best use of his time and energy. He says, “To do something well, you have to love your life. You have to think ‘I could do this every day’”
  • People have an essential need for transcendence – that is a service that art and music at its best provides. Musicians can be agents of that. So important because we live in a society that does not address the spiritual need.
  • Sam’s favorite quote: “if they have you asking the wrong questions, they don’t need to worry about the answers” from Gravity’s Rainbow, which is also his favorite book

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