Podcast #28: Alex Blake


What does it take to start a professional performing ensemble? How does an individual artist develop an organization that profoundly impacts their community?

In this episode, Jennifer speaks with Alex Blake, conductor and founder of Tonality, a professional choir in Los Angeles that aspires to “bring arts and culture to all members of the human family in the spirit of forging unity and compassion through song.”

Alex shares his journey, describing how he started Tonality, why this work is so important to him, and how crucial his community has been in the development of Tonality. You will learn how Alex overcame the financial challenges of starting a professional ensemble and how he learned to delegate, as well as discover his method for finding the support he needs.

This episode features Tonality performing “True Colors” arranged by Saunder Choi and “Silence My Soul” by Francisco Feliciano.

Check out our interview with Alex Blake through SoundCloud below.

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