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We work with you to create a vibrant and dynamic culture within your organization with our communication, team-building, and leadership services.

Through our own experiences as performers, arts administrators, and entrepreneurs, iCadenza offers clients a unique and invaluable perspective within the ever-changing arts landscape.

We train teams and leaders to communicate more fluidly and consistently, understand the value and technique of effective, active listening, and embrace interdepartmental, lateral communication and thinking.

Our organizational consulting offerings range from one-time workshops and events to in-depth organizational and evaluation reporting, as well as long-term consulting projects and training.

Organization Evaluation by iCadenza

Our flagship service – Organization Evaluation by iCadenza – provides an important external perspective of your organization. After an initial evaluation, our team of consultants, along with leading consultants across the industry (such as diversity guru Aaron Dworkin and community engagement expert Nathaniel Zeisler) will give recommended steps for improvement.  

The process includes a site visit, interviews, and comprehensive review of an organization’s current state and culminates with a report of our findings, as well as recommendations for future action.
iCadenza offers six tracks of evaluation, though we are able to tailor any of these to the needs of your organization:
  • Authentic Diversity
  • Community Engagement & Programming
  • Career Preparation, Advising, and Outcomes
  • Organizational Culture
  • Talent Development
  • Board Culture and Development

From day-long workshops to long-term organizational evaluation and planning initiatives, iCadenza is invested in the success and wellbeing of your organization.

See our full list of workshops and consulting services here.

To learn more about how iCadenza can partner with your organization, please contact us at

Learn more about iCadenza's work cultivating organizational culture with USC Radio Group:

“The work was transformative from the beginning, almost immediately. There was a change of attitude, a change of trust, there was a change of how we communicate, an openness, a transparency that we had been really struggling with. And as we add new people, as people come and go, we can now bring them into an environment where this is an expectation, that this cultural expectation is here now.”

Bill Lueth, 
Vice President of USC Radio Group

“I can hardly believe the impact such a short amount of work together with iCadenza could make on my morale at work and my outlook on life. If someone asked me about my work with them, I would be hard-pressed not to push them in the door.”

Gail Eichenthal, Executive Producer, USC Radio Group

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