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Can a Freelancer Take a Sabbatical?

The other day a musician friend asked me this question –  Can a freelancer take a sabbatical?  I absolutely LOVED hearing this question and I have a lot of thoughts to share on this.  My first question, though, is about the question itself. What makes you feel that you need


How Do I Get Sponsorships?

You see them in concert programs… You see them on Instagram posts… Sponsors are out there supporting music.  But how do I find sponsorship for my projects? SPONSORSHIP IN MUSIC  Sponsorships seem so near and yet so far for most musicians. You see it working for others but we don’t

Squad Goals, how iCadenza Insider's support each other.

Squad Goals: iCadenza Insider’s Supporting Each Other

At iCadenza, we help artists accelerate their careers.   We offer self-guided courses like the Coro Career Library, Consulting for Organizations, Individual Coaching and more… But the place where we have seen some of the most transformational career changes has been in our group programs like the iCadenza Insider’s Club and