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Squad Goals, how iCadenza Insider's support each other.

Squad Goals: iCadenza Insider’s Supporting Each Other

At iCadenza, we help artists accelerate their careers.   We offer self-guided courses like the Coro Career Library, Consulting for Organizations, Individual Coaching and more… But the place where we have seen some of the most transformational career changes has been in our group programs like the iCadenza Insider’s Club and


A Letter to My Younger Self

If you could go back in time, what would you say to your 20-year old self about pursuing a creative career?  Is there anything you could say that would make life a little easier to navigate?  Would you say something you need to hear right now?  I tapped the collective

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Top 5 Skills They Don’t Teach You in Music School

Being a fantastic musician won’t guarantee you a place in the music industry.  It seems incredibly unfair. Talented musicians with fantastic musical training struggle to find financially and creatively rewarding careers.  Sound familiar? You’re not alone.  It seems like there are too many musicians and not enough work for you. 

Laure de Marcellus, mezzo soprano.

Reigniting My Career with iCadenza

Laure de Marcellus has a lot to be excited about these days. She’s just completed a very successful fundraising campaign for her Pauline Inspired project, an album and set of trans-Atlantic concerts with her longtime duo partner Alberto Urroz featuring music by and inspired by Pauline Viardot.   Juggling her own


Meditation for a Stressful Time

Almost everyone these days is experiencing a time of heightened – and extended – stress.   After this goes on for a long period of time, our reserves of patience, calm, and compassion can wear thin. We feel less resilient to problems and less able to give to others.   How can


Celebrating 2021

As we round the corner on the end of 2021, we at iCadenza would like to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished this year.   As artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs our iCadenza community has created wonderful works of art and truly special moments together. You have supported your communities through a challenging year