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The career you’ve been dreaming of is waiting for you.

We’re here to help you claim it and create it.


iCadenza was founded on a lofty dream:
To help prominent and emerging musicians create successful careers on their own terms.

As performers ourselves, we know that crafting a career in music isn’t for the faint of heart. Self-criticism and self-judgement hold many musicians back from putting themselves out there in the way that’s required today.

On top of that, institutions struggle to prepare musicians to meet the demands of a career in the 21st century. In an industry driven by tradition, gatekeepers, and “the powerful few,” musicians often struggle to be seen.

We started our business because we feel there’s a better way.

We believe you can:
  • Connect to the joy and magic of your art, while making a living that supports you and your family.
  • Expand your influence and make an impact—without sacrificing your values or desire for growth.
  • Feel in control of your career and its trajectory, rather than feeling like where you end up is a “happy accident.”

The Origin of iCadenza

iCadenza was founded in 2010 by best friends, Jennifer Rosenfeld and Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport.

By building this business from the ground up, they learned the entrepreneurial skills needed to stand out in a crowded industry—and they have taught thousands of musicians everything from building a personal brand, to self-promotion, to positive mindset strategies.

Today iCadenza has a growing team, as well as a sister company, Cadenza Artists.

All the work we do is inspired by our passion for this industry and helping musicians, music universities, and arts organizations thrive.

Our Guiding Philosophy

iCadenza’s signature MACRO Model was developed through a statistical analysis of artists on the Cadenza Artists roster, where we identified the qualities that enable certain artists to garner more success than others.

The qualities are:

What makes them unique and how they define themselves as artists.

Identify and initiate the next steps they need to take based on their values.

How to promote their value via headshots, resumés, and social media.

How to establish meaningful partnerships and long-term relationships.

How to stay open to growth, especially challenging in the face of adversity.

Training through The MACRO Model helps professional musicians and organizations alike.  It allows professional musicians to clearly see their strengths and gaps, so they can effectively address the obstacles holding them back from the career they want.  It gives higher education organizations a simple, yet profound, framework on which to develop their own training and development programs.

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