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What are people saying about iCadenza?

“The young artist has to find a way to get attention, to garner support, to have guidelines about how to go about it, and you may have hit on a scheme that helps them to do exactly that.”
Douglas Sheldon – Senior VP and Director Columbia Artist Management International (CAMI)

“Musicians can feel ill-equipped and confused after graduating from conservatories, but iCadenza can help the aspiring artist face the real world.”
Pianist Rufus Choi – First Place Winner, 2007 Jose Iturbi International Music Competition

“I think that iCadenza is fantastic. What a great idea to have a website which contains so much information on so many artists. It’s definitely a timely endeavor and should be very successful.”
Elizabeth Futral – Metropolitan Opera coloratura soprano

“iCadenza offers a great service to singers and musicians trying to bridge the gap between their education and career. Their innovative approaches are unlike anything I’ve encountered and offer a fantastic opportunity for singers to establish their online presence. I am happy to recommend this to our Merola participants.”
Sheri Greenawald – Director of the San Francisco Opera Center and the Merola Program

“Internet networking…is something that singers have no choice but to take advantage of – it’s becoming an asset for people to understand how to network using online resources. iCadenza is certainly a fantastic opportunity for singers to learn how to incorporate networking into their lives, and it is also is a great opportunity for them to be able to be seen by others. Thank you for bringing that not only to the community of singers that you serve, but to everyone in the world, because it’s something that anyone can access.”
Kristina Driskill – mezzo soprano and vocal instructor at Chapman University

“I’m very grateful to have a profile with iCadenza. It’s important to me as a performing musician to have a presence online. Before having my iCadenza profile set up, the thought of creating a website seemedoverwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. iCadenza made it simple. Thank you so much for offering this service!”
Maia Jasper – violinist in the Pacific Symphony and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, founder of the Salastina Music Society

“Anything you can do to help bridge that gap between being a student and then suddenly having to be a professional musician performing and trying to make a living from it is vital, because there is that really difficult stage before you can establish yourself…so if you can make use of the internet in that way, then it’s fantastic.”
Matthew Denton of the Carducci quartet – string quartet from the United Kingdom

“Well people who want to have careers are reexamining how to do business in music, because they have to if they want to succeed. It really is an amazing opportunity that you guys are putting out there for musicians and we really appreciate it genuinely. I think by asking these questions you are probably going to end up revolutionizing the ‘biz, so to speak…It’s so important that artists really get the opportunity and the platform to be who they are, because yes, people want to know about the music, that’s really important. But the mainstream people out there want to relate to people. And unless we start having some artists who are relating to people, classical music is going to keep on dropping.”
Ranaan Meyer, double bassist in Time For Three – Resident String Trio of the Indianapolis Symphony

“I think it’s awesome what you guys are doing. I think that one thing that Time for Three has always felt is that, we’re playing music that’s obviously different from what we studied, the actual attitude towards the music quality itself, is the same…I think what we have found is that people want to get to know the musician: their personality, the spontaneity of a moment, their highs and lows, their flaws, and we find that the internet is a great portal for young artists to share that they’re actually just human beings, especially in the art form of classical music, which can be perceived as something that people cannot relate to, the actual art form itself. But the people onstage are living and breathing and have the same issues, they pay bills…everybody is the same…I think for your musicians it’s very important…to show that human side.”
Nick Kendall, violinist in Time For Three – Resident String Trio of the Indianapolis Symphony

“Back in the 40s and 50s and 60s, [for] classical musicians, there was a very systematic way of growing a career. And we are in an age now where because technology has gotten so fast that things are so immediate, at our fingertips…every musician now is trying to create their own path. Whoever can really hone in on what that path is for them to walk on will make a portal for players to have. A musician needs to figure out the steps they need to take to have a career, not just a job, but a career, and that is a very different mentality. Nobody is coming out of school now and getting signed or a record deal…It’s completely open right now and everybody is reexamining how we do business and it’s an exciting time.”
Zach De Pue, concertmaster of the Indianapolis Symphony and member of string trio Time For Three

“iCadenza offers an excellent and unique opportunity for musicians. Future soloists, chamber players and orchestra members must recognize the importance of promoting themselves through contemporary media and the internet, which is complex and intimidating. iCadenza deals with that complexity to enable artists to focus on performance. I highly recommend aspiring professional musicians to consider iCadenza to assist with their promotional efforts.”
Eduard Schmieder – Conductor, violinist, and founder and director of iPalpiti Artists International

“I believe it will be a necessity in the future, a tool that no artist can do without. So I really wish you all the best in your future endeavors with iCadenza.”
Joel Revzen – Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Arizona Opera

About our promotional solutions for Performing Arts Organizations:

“iCadenza has been an invaluable resource for us, particularly in this difficult economy when we are more desperate than ever to raise funds. Creating memorable promotional videos is a great way for us to expand our donor base and engage with current donors during the off-season of our program. Julia and Jennifer made this process easy, helpful, and affordable. In the past, we have worked with numerous companies that charged exorbitant fees and failed to deliver. iCadenza worked within our budget constraints and and provided us with incredibly produced materials far ahead of our deadlines. They exceeded my expectations.”
Rosemary Hyler Ritter, founder and director of SongFest.

Going into its 15th year, SongFest is one of the premiere summer training programs for classical singers and collaborative pianists that focuses on the art of song and brings together the world’s most distinguished faculty in this area, including Martin Katz, Graham Johnson, Margo Garrett, Jake Heggie, John Harbison, and John Musto. For the program’s 14th season in summer of 2010, iCadenza worked with students and faculty to create promotional videos that will be used to increase awareness and donor interest.