Enjoy Your Accomplishments.

Enjoying the view

In our fast-paced society, it’s pretty easy to get halfway up the mountain and not bother taking in the view. We are focused on our goal – the top. But you’ve worked pretty hard for the first half of this hike, why is it so hard for us to stop and enjoy the view?

It’s the end of the year, so it’s the best time to take stock in our accomplishments. Maybe you summited several mountains this year, or perhaps you’re halfway up. Let’s stop, and take it in. Why rush through your accomplishments?

Start 2024 with more joy. Be satisfied with all of your hard work. And don’t fool yourself, you did work hard.

5. Taste Your Food.

More often than not, we shovel in food without really thinking about it. We’re in conversation, we’re in a rush, our bodies need fuel, we’re distracted with devices or TVs. Take your next meal, and slow down. Taste it, enjoy the textures, chew slower. Eating is and should be a joy. You don’t need to spend big money at a restaurant to enjoy the pure pleasure and simplicity of food. Sometimes, just a bag of Cheetos can be the best thing.

4. Get off social media.

No, not forever. Take a few hours, a few days, or longer. We are not the person we have carefully crafted on social media. Yes, it feels good to post our pride and take in all the likes. But social media is meant to cultivate comparison and FOMO. And comparison is the thief of joy. You know what mountains you’ve climbed this year; your mountains don’t need to be compared to other people’s mountains. You worked hard, and your journey does not belong to anyone else but you.

3. Write it down.

Take a couple minutes and dissect every step of your success. Some parts of the journey were more challenging than others, but you did it. You fought adversity, procrastination, and deadlines; you showed discipline, courage, and determination. If you write it down, it exists! You did it.

4. Treat. Your. Self.

And what does that look and feel like? A delicious treat (which you will taste!), a fun purchase, a day off. A pat on the back. This part is easy, but feels even better when you truly recognize your accomplishment. We all love rewards!

5. Take your moment.

We often finish what we’re working on, and we’re immediately on to the next thing. I finally found the courage to write an email I had been dreading and procrastinated composing for over a week…well, it got done. Take a moment and congratulate yourself. Being mindful and paying attention to our thoughts is tricky; over 47% of us allow our minds to wander. All the time. Don’t wander; take it in. Quiet your inner critic. What you practice gets stronger. Practice praise, and enjoy that success.

You deserve it.

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