What happens in the Insider’s Club?

You might have heard about the iCadenza Insider’s Club but what happens in this secret space that started as an invitation-only opportunity? 

It’s true, we keep the club confidential for our members. This means community members can get honest feedback and questions answered in a safe space with coaches focused on lifting their careers to a new level. 

Today, I’m giving you an exclusive sneak peek and what you’ll find inside the club. Let’s dive in! 


The heart of the Insider’s Club is regular coaching with Julia Levitan, Cadenza Artists and iCadenza CEO and cofounder, and Sarah Robinson, iCadenza coach, Helix Collective co-founder and author of Clubbing for Classical Musicians

Every member of the club is invited to the monthly Q&A’s with Sarah at 12pm PT/3pm ET on the second Wednesday of each month. 

VIP members also have an exclusive session with Julia on 4th Fridays at 12pm PT/3pm ET. 

We meet on zoom and share time for all our members to ask questions and receive career advice tailored uniquely to their situation. 

What do we cover? Here are a few questions from members we’ve addressed in the past few weeks…

  • I received limited responses to my first round of emails for booking a new show. What do I do next to increase engagement and responsiveness? 
  • I’m creating a new studio lesson agreement. How strict should I be about make-up lessons? 
  • I’m negotiating a contract for a performance. I’d like to ask for a higher fee than they proposed. How should I frame that? 

We cover all kinds of questions and concerns that run the gamut of the world of working in the arts! Coaches develop strategies, create challenges for members, and give lots of advice and support! 

This is usually our members’ favorite part of being in the club! 


The Insider’s Club has a community thread that is open 24/7 for support, advice, and community from the iCadenza coaches, iCadenza team, and fellow members. 

This space is popular for posting questions or concerns on…

  • Drafts of emails to presenters, website updates, photos, and videos for feedback
  • Questions on negotiations and pricing
  • Sharing wins with fellow Insider’s 

We also share regular group challenges in the Community and it’s an open forum for sharing ideas, questions, and support with coaches and community members! 

Every three months members also have the opportunity to be matched with an accountability partner in the club to help keep your goals on track together. 


You can find anything you need in the Insider’s Club to support your arts career, no matter what level you’re at now! 

You will find:

  • Templates for contracts, tech riders, budgets, flyers, publicity strategies and much more
  • Scripts for phone calls and negotiations
  • Courses covering all the essentials of music business 

Want to dive into booking a tour? Building a teaching studio? Starting a new ensemble? 

We have the tools you need and the coaching support to make the most of what you find inside the club! 


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