Podcast #1: Jennifer Rosenfeld and Julia Torgovitskaya


Our debut episode of iCadenza’s Creative Careers Podcast features Jennifer and Julia, co-founders of iCadenza and Cadenza Artists.

Jennifer interviews Julia about how she stays creatively engaged while wearing many hats as CEO of Cadenza Artists and President of iCadenza.

Find Episode 1 on iTunes or stream it below, as part of the Pedal Note Media Network.

A few highlights:

  • Creativity is like happiness. You have to opt into it. You have to wake up and choose to be creative, every day.
  • Sometimes, you are actually spared from the things you think you want, even though at the moment it feels like a loss.
  • In “sharpening the saw”/taking on new learning opportunities, Julia reflects that in the past she spent a lot of time deliberating about whether or not to pursue an educational opportunity that she was very excited about (and ended up doing anyway). Now, she tries to make quicker decisions about professional development opportunities.
  • Thinking about starting an entrepreneurial adventure (either in music or in business)? Here’s Julia’s advice:
    • Just do it! Find some small way to get started as soon as possible. In some ways, ignorance can be bliss, so take advantage of a beginner’s mindset to get started.
    • Let it be okay to make mistakes. Do your best to navigate and handle them, but don’t expect that they should never happen! In fact, learning from them will ultimately contribute to your success in a meaningful way.
    • Find your people! Focus on meeting people as you get started. You never know how (and when) they will play a role in your story.

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