Podcast #10: Benjamin Mitchell

If you have been on the path to win an orchestral position, but wonder what else you could do with your career, this episode is for you.
Today’s guest is Benjamin Mitchell. He stayed in school for over a decade to pursue a position as a clarinetist in a professional orchestra. After waiting to win an audition and watching many professional orchestras struggle, he started his own orchestra in Los Angeles called Kaleidoscope. His career now includes performance, entrepreneurship, and wellness.
You’ll hear about how Kaleidoscope is different from your typical orchestra and how Ben is reinventing the experience of going to a concert. His work has earned him a spot on Musical America’s annual list of Innovators in the arts.
If you are interested in seeing the orchestra perform live or donating, you can visit www.kco.la.
This episode features “When We Forget” by Clint Needham, performed by Kaleidoscope.

Check out Episode 10 with Benjamin Mitchell on iTunes or stream it below, as part of the Pedal Note Media Network.


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