Podcast #30: Christopher Tin


Christopher TinFor our 30th Podcast Episode, we were delighted to interview Christopher Tin, a Grammy Award-winning American composer of concert and media music.

In this interview, he shares his personal insights into some of the biggest questions facing emerging musicians, including:


  • How do I break into my niche? (Even ones as tough as the studio scene in L.A.!)
  • How do I hold to my own artistic sensibilities while in school?
  • Should my music be artistic or entertaining? Can it be both?

Discover how Christopher traces his big successes to choices he made early in his career, and get tips on how you can engineer your own successes, starting today. Hint: It won’t happen if you stay in the practice room all day!

Plus, hear an illustrative story about networking that landed him a mention on Twitter by Taylor Swift and got his name in publications like People Magazine.

This episode features “Baba Yetu” from Christopher’s album entitled Calling All Dawns, originally written as the theme for the video game Civilization IV and “Temen Oblak” from Christopher Tin’s album The Drop That Contained the Sea.

Check out our interview with Christopher Tin through SoundCloud below.

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