Podcast #9: Ensemble Dal Niente


If you dream about being part of a newsworthy and collaborative chamber music ensemble, this episode is for you.

Today on iCadenza’s Creative Careers Podcast, host Kelly Kasle sits down with three members of Ensemble Dal Niente. You’ll hear firsthand about the challenges they faced in their early years, the variety of work that members do outside of the ensemble, and what it was like to be a part of Chicago’s first-ever Ear Taxi Festival.

You’ll also get an inside peek at their rehearsal, plus hear about residency experiences with both elementary school kids and university students where young composers watch their pieces being played for the first time by a world-renowned group.

Be sure to listen if you want advice on how to start your own group and to get an overview of one ensemble’s road to success.

This episode features music by Ensemble Dal Niente: “Assemblage” by George Lewis and “meltDown Upshot” from their latest album Balter/Saunier in collaboration with the band Deerhoof.

Check out Episode 9 with Ensemble Dal Niente on iTunes or stream it below, as part of the Pedal Note Media Network.

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