Podcast #35: Eunbi Kim

How do you know if you’re making the right decisions and moving your career in the right direction? If you’re anything like most musicians, you’re probably experiencing no small amount of fear (and that’s ok).

I sat down with pianist Eunbi Kim to talk about her multi-disciplinary project Murakami Music and all the personal realizations that came with building it.

We dig deep into fear and vulnerability and how, if you listen to them reaalllly closely, they can often help you find what every creator searches for: Your most meaningful art and unique personal qualities.

We also discuss the art of finding (and working with!) the right collaborators for your projects to propel them to success. Plus, Eunbi gives us great out-of-the-box advice about how to connect with our project’s ideal, niche audience members.

Eunbi is such a genuine person and amazing artist—don’t miss this inspiring episode!

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