Holiday-Break Listening: Music Podcast Roundup

As we near Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, you’re probably going to be spending a little extra time traveling.

So we thought this would be the perfect time to round up the music podcasts that have featured iCadenza over the past few months. Listen while you’re on the plane, in the car, on the train — or while you’re enjoying some much-deserved downtime.

The Portfolio Composer with Garrett Hope

Listen to Episode 161: Jennifer Rosenfeld on Coro

I love Garrett’s work helping composers expand their career business models. We had a great conversation about mindsets, key skills that musicians need to develop to achieve more success and fulfillment, and the unique challenges that composers face.

Contrabass Conversations with Jason Heath

Listen to Episode 393: Level Up Your Music Career with Jennifer Rosenfeld

Jason is considered the “voice of the bass community.” His long-standing podcast is an incredible resource to the bass community and beyond. He’s an amazing interviewer and we had a great time talking about musical identity, the origins of iCadenza, and the podcasting movement within the classical music community.

MusicPreneur with James Newcomb

Listen to Episode 38: How and Why Jennifer Rosenfeld Reclaimed the Title of Musician

I love James’s podcast, which focuses on the topic of how musicians can develop entrepreneurial skills. In this interview, I was honored that James asked about my recent blog post on “Reclaiming My Identity as a Musician.” We had a great conversation about identity, mindset, and how musicians can interpret the notion of “entrepreneurship” so that it can work for them.

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