How to Turn Your Creative Spark into Something Actionable

Here is my time tested, three-step process to turn any idea into an actionable project that you can pursue. 

Artists come to me with so many ideas and they get so excited about them. 

But almost as quickly as they have an idea they also get disillusioned because they don’t know how it would be possible or where to start. 

They get stuck and write themselves off before even giving it a shot. 

Here is my 3 step process to do instead. 

Step 1 – Define Your Big Vision

Take your idea and blow it up to the biggest, most expansive, most amazing version. 

Think about what this could be if nothing was in the way – if you had all the money, time, and help in the world. What could this idea become? 

This isn’t the time to think about problems or concerns. 

Step one is to create the most amazing version this idea could be in it’s most expanded state. 

Step 2 – Get into Action

Take the smallest increment of action you can do today.

Zooming in to where you are right now, ask yourself, “What is the smallest action that I could take that would get me on the path towards that big vision?” 

For example, if your big vision was to climb Mt. Everest, you might get stuck on all the long-term questions about how to get to your goal but the next step is the question, “What can I do today that would get me on a path to climbing Mt. Everest?”

Maybe I’ll increase my time jogging or go hiking and scale a smaller mountain this weekend. 

What is one step I can take towards that vision? 

Once you’ve done that, then you ask, what’s the step that I can now take? 

Define that micro-step – that first immediate step – that would get you towards that big vision. 

Step 3 – Get Other People Involved

Get support. Get help. Get training. Get coaching.

Create a container for yourself to keep you on track towards that goal. 

One method is to hire a coach to teach you how to climb mountains and teach you more about what you need to do during the year to prepare your body. How far in advance do you need to plan this? Is this a two-year plan or a five-year plan? 

Is a coach something you want to invest in given what you’re looking to do? 

An additional step you can take is to ask a friend or friends to hold you accountable. 

“This is my goal. Will you hold me accountable? Will you check in with me from time to time on how I’m progressing.” 

Declaring you’re working towards this goal and creating a system to hold yourself accountable requires you to commit and decide, “I’m doing this.” 

You can always change your mind but letting those around you know your vision and have the opportunity to support you is going to give you energy and momentum. 

Keep it Going

As you go, you’ll be repeating steps 1 and 2 over and over, and expanding and bringing more people into your project to support you. 

It can feel overwhelming but it’s just one step at a time. One baby step at time. 

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