Let’s Skip New Year’s Resolutions this Year and Do Something Better

I’m not doing any New Year’s Resolutions this year and I’m inviting you to join me. 

New Year’s Resolutions are about becoming a better you. 

  • Developing new habits. 
  • Nurturing your strengths. 
  • Becoming a faster, fitter, kinder, more efficient, more creative you. 

A way to strive towards who you want to be in the new year in whatever way you want to improve. 

We don’t need 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

This year is different. 

We have spent the last 10 months adjusting, improving…getting to see ourselves through the fire of adversity. 

What habits have you changed in the last year? 

Did you learn to motivate yourself while working from home with little outside pressure? 

Did you develop new heights of efficiency in balancing work and family obligations? 

Did you create an entirely new way to keep in touch with your friends, family, and network of colleagues? 

Did you develop a new hobby, start an exercise program or learn to slow down and enjoy the little things? 

So, instead of a resolution this year, let’s ask…

How do I want to use my new habits, skills, and insights? 

I know myself better this January 2021. 

I know more about what I really need to be creative and happy…

…and what I was doing before that was actually distracting, non-essential work

I can see what I did this past year that had a big impact on my well-being, in creating healthy, thriving relationships, and allowed my creative life to blossom. 

I saw what professional activities had a big financial impact and which ones were a lot of work for very little reward. 

So the real question is…

What do I want this year? 

I already have the skills, habits, and insight to achieve great things this year. 

Where do I want to direct my energy

What do I want to see done in the next 12 months? 

For me that’s 

  • Leading our new cohort of Idea to Impact participants to a successful project launch in six months! 
  • 3 major recording and performance projects for Helix Collective. 
  • Seeing my out-of-town family when we get that shot! 

Let’s go 2021 – bring it on! 

Need some support in launching your new project this year? Schedule a call with Julia or me to learn how we can help you take your career and results to new heights in 2021. The call is completely complementary and is our gift to you!

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