Our Favorite Online Resources for Performing Artists 2015

As 2015 draws to a close (say it ain’t so!), we wanted to take a look back at a handful of our favorite online resources for performing artists. This includes books, newsletters, and sites that we’ve come across this year.

Use these resources to help propel your career forward–whether you are an entrepreneur, performer, part of an organization (or all three!). These are the the people and products we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as we do!

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21CM produces an online magazine with fabulous content each month that features articles by top writers on the topic of the 21st century musician.

With content that explores everything from the expanding definitions of “musician” and “entrepreneur” to pioneering artists and ensembles who are breaking the mold, 21CM is a critical resource.

The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast

We are big fans of Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke, founders of Pedal Note Media, which produces two podcasts: The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast and the Brass Junkies Podcast.

Andrew and Lance are seriously impressive dudes and we love what they are doing. Shameless plug: we had the honor of being interviewed on episode 24 of this podcast!

Rob Knopper

Have you heard of Rob Knopper yet? If not, where have you been??

Rob is a percussionist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and has made it his mission to help musicians conquer the dreaded orchestral audition. His content is practical and rich with tools, and his style is entertaining and fun. I look forward to his emails! If you are auditioning for anything, you need to start following him immediately.

The Pearl

Ellen McSweeney is the epitome of an artist who defies definition. She is a violinist, singer, songwriter, artist, writer, and more. We met her at The Savvy Musician in Action in June, where her string trio, the Chicago Q Ensemble, was invited to compete in the chamber music competition.

The Pearl is Ellen’s weekly newsletter, in which she offers poignant and insightful reflections on her creative process and artistic life. Ellen is a beautiful writer and I always look forward to receiving The Pearl in my inbox—-each newsletter leaves me thinking about the topic for days. Don’t miss it!

Nathan Cole’s NY Phil Audition Challenge

Ok, this is for all you string players out there. Earlier this summer/fall, Nathan Cole, the LA Philharmonic’s Associate Principal Concertmaster, produced an amazing series where he walks you through a 14-week process of preparing to audition for the New York Philharmonic’s violin section.

All the posts are still live and full of useful information (which I also found fascinating, even though I don’t play the violin!). We actually had the pleasure of working with Nathan earlier this year—you can read about our experience with Nathan here.

Share Your Favorites

Do you have a favorite blog, podcast, or online resource for performing artists? Spill the beans! Leave a comment below with a link to your recommendation.

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