Podcast #40: Making Money Making Music with James Newcomb of MusicPreneur.com


Do you ever feel like your career path zigzags more than it should, or that you aren’t even entirely sure where it’s leading you?

If so, that’s okay—and you definitely aren’t alone!

As a musician, you are your own small business. And it can be difficult to pinpoint EXACTLY what kind of business you want to be—even when you’re in the middle of it!

In this episode, I’m joined by James Newcomb, host of the MusicPreneur Podcast and founder of MusicPreneur.com.

James shares valuable insights into how he accepts the zigzag nature of his path—and how that approach has positively impacted his business.

You’ll learn:

  • James’s simple but powerful definition of entrepreneurship as it applies to musicians
  • The concept of entrepreneurial paths as an alternative to being competitive
  • How niching down helps you build authority as an expert
  • How to develop healthier relationship with money

James Newcomb’s mission is to help musicians discover the good in both music and commerce in order to create music that reflects their true self and generate revenue to not only take care of themselves and those who depend on them for sustenance, but to build real wealth. That is what moves society in a forward direction.

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