Podcast #41: Get Your Rate Right with Singer-Songwriter Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis is an American singer-songwriter who has written songs for everything from award-winning kids shows to Cher, including the worldwide #1 single “Wings” by the British girl group Little Mix.

She’s been part of the professional music scene since she took her first gig at 3 years old and, more recently, has become an advocate for the rights of songwriters.

In this episode we dive deep into the commercial side of the music industry. We discuss:

  • How she landed and continued to write 5 seasons of the hit show Doc McStuffins
  • How pop songs are actually made
  • How streaming has changed everything about the popular music model, especially for songwriters
  • Why she founded Songwriters of North America (and why they sued the Department of Justice)
  • Tips for protecting yourself from getting taken advantage of as an artist

James Newcomb’s mission is to help musicians discover the good in both music and commerce in order to create music that reflects their true self and generate revenue to not only take care of themselves and those who depend on them for sustenance, but to build real wealth. That is what moves society in a forward direction.

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