Shifting to a New Music World

In the past couple weeks, it has come to the attention of many artists that a shift to a new normal in the music world may take a lot longer than we originally expected and hoped. 

We’re all adjusting to the fact that this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

This adjustment can make us feel hopeless or frightened. 

It can feel like all the system changes we’re seeing are for the worst. 

A Time for Innovation

When the old systems fail or no longer work for you, that is the perfect time to innovate. 

Throughout history, times of upheaval do tend to be the times when positive new ideas emerge. 

It may be hard to see that when you’re in the middle of it, though. 

Moving the Arts Landscape – as an Individual

You’re an active participant in the arts landscape. 

When we see systems and institutions faltering – even those we thought would provide us safety – we are left with an opening for new ways of making music to emerge. 

As an individual, we can ask “What does music mean to me?” 

“What do I love about performing? Why?”

“Is there a way I can innovate a new way of doing what I love to do?” 

Transforming a Difficult Situation

A lot of us are mourning the life and career we had a few months ago. But once we go through that process, we have a chance to try something new. 

No one can take our imagination away from us. 

Get in touch with what you love about music and performance. Get in touch with your senses. 

How do you feel when you’re in the best part of the creative process? 

Are there opportunities to create more of this type of feeling and share these values now? 

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