Squad Goals: iCadenza Insider’s Supporting Each Other

Squad Goals, how iCadenza Insider's support each other.

At iCadenza, we help artists accelerate their careers.  

We offer self-guided courses like the Coro Career Library, Consulting for Organizations, Individual Coaching and more…

But the place where we have seen some of the most transformational career changes has been in our group programs like the iCadenza Insider’s Club and Idea to Impact.

Why is that? 

Well, I think it all comes down to the squad.  


When you join an iCadenza group program, you don’t just receive time and support from the highest level, most experienced coaches in the music industry

You don’t just receive access to the most comprehensive, user-friendly music career libraries that we’ve built over ten years…

You also join an elite group of high-achieving, motivated, experienced artists from every facet of the music and arts industry, all joined together to put their careers on the fast track

What happens when you put these highly talented, motivated professionals that are eager to expand their horizons together? 


Here are just a few of the ways I’ve seen members of iCadenza programs support, inspire, and help each other out as a real team as they’ve progressed together through the iCadenza method of programs. 


It can be so hard to get an introduction to the right person in the music industry! 

It seems like you can never reach the people in power who can really help you out – that is until you join the right squad…. 

One Idea to Impact member was looking to book a tour in Philadelphia. Another member had worked in the city for 20 years and was happy to provide names and contact information for local presenters with her personal recommendation

Instantly, a process that could have taken months to find the power brokers of local booking and try to get their attention was solved in minutes

Another member needed a high-end photographer with reasonable prices to get those headshots that would bring their career to a new level. Another member shared the deets on the photographer who created game-changing photos for their ensemble. 

A lengthy and potentially costly series of trial-and-error photo shoots with new photographers was eliminated. Our member got exactly what they needed for their booking packet for an upcoming tour. 


In Idea to Impact, each member is assigned an accountability partner to check in every other week and track progress together

I2Iers stay on track with their goals, inspire, share ideas, and remember what their partners are working on from week to week. 

They create a written reminder of goals for each week and provide invaluable feedback and peer support between regular coaching sessions with our team. 

Accountability buddies have hatched new projects together, created marketing partnerships, and made valuable connections together. 

Most importantly, these partners helped each other avoid getting distracted or discouraged and work towards their goals together.  


Nobody is more excited than your fellow iCadenza Insiders when you have a big win! 

They’re there when you make your plans… 

Talk through your stumbling blocks and doubts… 

Are happy to advise, commiserate, share opinions…whatever you need. 

Your squad has your back. 

There is no party like an iCadenza party to celebrate a member win! 


Need to try out a dance / movement / yoga workshop? 

Need honest, objective feedback on a new offering? 

I’m always impressed when Insiders jump in and try things out. 

Every time I’ve seen a member come to the Insider’s Club or Idea to Impact and say…

“I have something new I’m developing and I need colleagues to try this out.” 

Every time, more than enough volunteers come forward, try things out, and give helpful feedback.  


Have you been looking at the website / email / video / photo so long you can’t tell if it’s good anymore? 

Arts endeavors, especially start-ups, need market research

We need to know what other people think, how they react, and we need their first impression. 

You may not be ready to post anything publicly but the iCadenza programs are a safe space to get objective feedback from a helpful and like-minded group.  

Want in?  Join the Insider’s Club.

Do you want to tap into our creative community of helpful, like-minded coaches and participants in the iCadenza Insider’s Club? 

Try it out today for FREE with no obligation. 

Go to the iCadenza Insider’s Club and use the code: ONEMONTHFREE to try our coaching, resources, and community today. 

written by Sarah Robinson, iCadenza Coach and Recording Artist

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