Podcast #44: Creative Thinking with Susan de Weger

We’ve talked a lot about the zig-zag path your career in music will likely take.

One of the common “zags” is walking away from music altogether. Whether a teacher discouraged you, you weren’t making ends meet, or you failed at your big moment… there are lots of reasons musicians step back from their careers in music.

But one thing we’ve learned is that it’s never too late to return, if that’s what your heart is calling you to do.

No one knows that better than today’s guest, Susan de Weger, who failed her final degree recital and hid her horn in a cupboard for 16 years.

Then, in her early 40s, she was called back to music and attended grad school for a performance masters degree.

Today, Susan is on a mission to revitalize music training to better prepare music students for careers in this quickly evolving industry.

As the Associate Lecturer in Music Entrepreneurship at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, she helps students identify their strengths, define personal success, and prepare for their next step.

Join us as we talk about…

  • Why student creativity isn’t always valued by schools and teachers (but should be)
  • How and why to test your assumptions about what success means to you
  • Why it’s important to hire faculty from diverse backgrounds
  • And how creative thinking can map across all kinds of disciplines

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