What You’ll See from iCadenza in 2016

For the past six years, you have inspired us with your journeys of passion and courage. It is through our work with you that we’ve found our voice.

As we look at 2016, we are growing and evolving and we wanted to clue you into some of the changes you might be seeing and why it’s happening.

Our vision for this year is for iCadenza to evolve as a community that does three things well:




Let’s break those down a bit.


As we’ve gotten to know you a bit better recently, we have learned that you have big, bold dreams, but that sometimes you need a little inspiration — a little spark — to ignite your energy and to help you spring into action.

This shouldn’t have been a surprising discovery because we’re exactly the same way! In fact, it was a lack of that spark that slowed us down in our first couple of years of business.

Through trial and error — and looking to our mentors — we found that sparks of inspiration are contagious

Sparks of inspiration are contagious. Click To Tweet

That’s why you’ll begin to see other artists and creative folks featured on our blog.

Some of these creatives are well known, some are up and coming. Some are wildly successful in measurable ways. Others are at the beginning of their journeys.

But they all have something in common: a love for the arts and a passion for what they do. You will be able to see into their world, understand the battles they are fighting, and learn how they stay motivated.


We hear over and over that people appreciate the connections they get from our workshops and one-on-one work.

We often connect like-minded people who can help each other out because we know the value of peer support and mentorship.

The two of us have developed an uncanny ability to connect people who have common values — which leads to many successful collaborations and partnerships.

This year, you’ll see us roll out a few new offerings aimed at making it easier to connect prospective employers with employees. You will learn more about jobs from a values-centered place, rather than a sterile job listing.


As you know, we wrote Awakening Your Business Brain, which came out a couple of months ago. We love the word awaken because it’s a perfect description of the impact we hope to have on you.

We want to, gently but palpably, help you awaken to the realization of all that you have going for you. Our mission is to help you focus on your strengths so that you can use them to catapult your career.

We also want to help you become aware of your weaknesses, resistance patterns, and assumptions, so that you can question and shift them. Through this, you can recognize the skills you possess that are either hidden or that you’re in denial that you have. (If you read the book, you know what we’re talking about!).

So for 2016, we hope that you’ll join the ignite, connect, and awaken movement with us.

And, in the spirit of connecting, keep an eye out for ways to contribute content to our growing site! We’ll be focusing on content a lot this year, and your voice would be a welcome addition to the mix. If there’s an idea that’s already brewing, that you’d like to share with our community, please email us and let us know.

What Would You Like to See?

Leave a comment below and tell us the type of content you’d like to see more of on our site!

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