Where’s My Creative Community?

Squad Goals, how iCadenza Insider's support each other.

There is nothing better as an artist than to feel like you are at the center of a tightly knit community of creative, supportive colleagues. 

Sometimes that magic of community has already been created and you’re invited to join in on the fun. 

That may be an existing ensemble or troupe with a creative, supportive culture. It may be a weekly or monthly artist salon curated by a person with great taste. Or it may seem to arise spontaneously from a group of people that join an organization at the same time. 

Where’s my team? 

Sometimes, though, the invitation doesn’t make it to you. 

You don’t find yourself accidentally surrounded by a thriving artistic community. 

What do you do then? 

It’s time to build your own. 

With clear intentions and a little bit of planning, you can create this magic for yourself.  

Here are a few ideas for gathering your unique artistic community.  

Social Events

Who doesn’t love a great hang? 

Whether it’s monthly drinks, pre-concert dinners, or a weekly walking group, you can invite your most interesting, supportive colleagues to get together on a regular basis. 

Just keeping in touch and making time to stay connected can foster that community we all need. 

Mutual Support Groups

Everyone needs a little help now and again. 

Consider setting up a regular meeting with like-minded colleagues in your field. 

You can use this time to check-in on projects and career goals, share what kind of support you need, and offer the kind of support you can share. 

These regular check-ins build an active group of supporters who know each other’s goals and help their colleagues reach them however they can.  

Learning Together Events and Clubs 

Book clubs, lecture series, and expertise sharing groups are a great way to build your professional skills while fostering community. 

Colleagues that learn, grow, and explore together quickly bond and become a home-base support team. 

Individual Meetings and Calls

Do you thrive in one-on-one situations? 

You don’t need to gather a group to feel connected to your community. 

These bonds can be created and maintained through individual, supportive relationships. 

Seek out an accountability partner, mentor, and colleagues to enjoy shared activities and foster regular contact, communication about your career goals, and mutual support. 

Share your goals, learn about theirs, and learn and grow together. 

Stop Waiting for the Invitation

You don’t need to land the perfect job to have the support of creative colleagues. 

You can create that community wherever you find yourself. 

With a little creativity and effort, you can make it happen!  

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