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Our mission is to support musicians and performing artists in building innovative, fulfilling, and successful careers – on their own terms.

What People are Saying

iCadenza’s Career Development Bootcamp is the missing link I’ve been searching for. For the last two years, I’ve working tirelessly to solidify my technique and to audition. But something was missing. I realized that it was the deep and real personal work an artist must to do to be able to define who they are as a person, so that they can live a life of purpose and share their art in it’s fullest potential. Bootcamp has provided me with the tools I need to discover who I am as an artist and person.”

I have been fortunate enough to attend several iCadenza events and at each of these events I have been given key insights into the business of music. From social media to professional comportment, iCadenza provides comprehensive and applicable advice for busy students and professional musicians.”

I had never really thought much about making a “mission statement” for myself and for my singing. After creating my own mission statement, it’s easier for me to figure out everything from headshots to repertoire because I have a clear idea of my personal values as a musician and singer.”

iCadenza’s Career Development Bootcamp is a place where you can talk about your most exciting dreams and your most boring obstacles. Artists are more productive when they hang out with other artists, so if you’re banging your head against some glass ceiling in your career, join a circle of creative people who actually want you to have a breakthrough.”