Individual Coaching

What does it mean to be truly successful in your career?

iCadenza offers personalized support for prominent and elite musicians seeking a new level of personal success.


Individual Coaching by iCadenza

What does success look like for you?

Every artist has a unique value that they bring to the world, and at iCadenza, we believe that everyone’s version of success looks different. And that it can be achieved.

Our Coaches work one-on-one with artists to support the growth of their careers, unlock their unique potential, and take action to achieve their boldest dreams.

Most importantly, coaching is about serving the artists we work with. Our goal is to support you, challenge you, ask the right questions, and share our most candid feedback.

Coaching is personal and highly individualized–topics range from networking to business strategy, brand development to project planning, portfolio development to budgeting and finances, and many more.

If you’re looking for customized strategies and support to grow your career, we invite you to work one-on-one with an iCadenza Coach.

To find out if Individual Artist Coaching is the best fit for you, please email us at

 “Jennifer and Julia transformed my teaching career. I now know that there are hundreds if not thousands who want and need my help.”

Nathan Cole, First Associate Concertmaster of the LA Philharmonic & Violin Teacher at ArtistWorks

“Working with iCadenza helped me see how difficult it was for me to move outside of my comfort zone. Luckily, they are committed, creative, and responsive while also striving for an environment of growth. I now have a better understanding of myself in regards to my career.”

Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

“I’m developing exciting commissions and partnerships on a regular basis. Knowing that I can trust iCadenza to advocate for me and my work, and that no detail will go unnoticed, provides immense relief and freedom.”

Julia Adolphe, Composer

“With iCadenza’s guidance, we broke into the European concert scene, plus we embarked on an entirely new type of project (our music-and-feasting events). I even hired a new assistant to take on significant managerial responsibilities, which has turned out to be a terrific move.”

Jesse Rodin, Artistic Director of Cut Circle, Associate Professor (Musicology), Stanford University Department of Music

“iCadenza was essential in helping me achieve a promotion at my company. From initiating the conversation about a promotion and raise to preparing for the follow up conversations and negotiations, they guided me through each step. iCadenza helped me practice the words I was going to say and to envision my success. I’m extremely grateful for the patience and caring they showed me at each step of the way.”

Cassidy Fitzpatrick, Vice President for Musician Advancement, New World Symphony

“iCadenza created a massively supportive, proactive, and positive surge in my professional life. iCadenza helped me recognize internal obstacles and take active steps towards overcoming them. Plus, the team has an amazing network of resources to offer artists at all stages of development. I would encourage anyone drawn to iCadenza’s consulting program to open-heartedly ask themselves what they would like to achieve in partnership with this group, and feel confident that if they commit they will have every reason to succeed.”
Heather Powell, Violinist
“Jennifer guided me through each step. I have always wanted to launch a small music series for children and young families. It had stayed as a vague idea for a number of years. I had no idea where to begin or how to make it happen—I was as non-entrepreneur as can be.
It is not a surprise that everything seemed a wall I could never climb. I had the fortune to meet Jennifer and she guided me through each step. I was encouraged by the fact that there were small steps I could follow, and a clear structure was always welcome to me.  All the advice I was given was very practical and I learned a few extremely helpful tools that can be applied to my own career.”
Mookie Lee-Menuhin, Pianist and Menuhin Duo

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