Podcast #20: Hila Plitmann


If you feel like you don’t fit the “traditional” mold of a singer or instrumentalist, this episode is for you.

Soprano Hila Plitmann fell in love with musical theater as a young girl. She attended Juilliard and did all the things that young opera singers do, like taking auditions and writing letters, but something didn’t feel right about the traditional path.

It wasn’t until she stripped the expectations of what an “opera singer” is supposed to be that she was able to take opportunities like premiering new works and singing on film soundtracks. Taking those risks led to her winning a Grammy and working with some of the world’s leading composers and conductors.

You’ll hear a very personal account of what it felt like to work through the decision to take a risky opportunity and how Hila feels now about sharing her own songs with the world.

You can find out more about Hila at hilaplitmann.com.

This episode features “The Reckoning” written and performed by Hila Plitmann and “Goodnight Moon” written by Eric Whitacre.

Check out our interview with Hila Plitmann on iTunes or stream it through SoundCloud below.

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