Podcast #21: International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)


Do you daydream about pushing the limits of the music world? Do you get excited by adventurous and innovative music projects?

Today on the show Kelly is joined by three members of the International Contemporary Ensemble, universally known as ICE, in this two-part interview.

Ross Karre, Joshua Rubin, and Dan Lippel give us insight on ICE’s growth, especially in the last five years, from presenting 40 concerts a year to 150 events a year. You’ll get tips on collaborating, hear about how a simple idea to record concerts resulted in one of the largest digital libraries of contemporary music, and learn the core value of all of ICE’s projects.

You can find out more about International Contemporary Ensemble at iceorg.org/

This episode features “Shadowgraph, 5 (Live)” written by George E. Lewis and “Ad Cor: No. 4, Wound – Joy – I Laugh at You” by Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen and performed by Ross Karre, The Crossing, International Contemporary Ensemble & Donald Nally.

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