Introducing: Aumna Iqbal, Mezzo-soprano


Name: Aumna Iqbal

Where you might see me perform: In the Los Angeles/Orange County areaInstrument/voice type: Mezzo-soprano

Why I participated in the iCadenza Career Development Bootcamp: I had had a few phone calls with various members of iCadenza, and after I finished talking to them I always felt like I had a clearer idea of what my career plan should look like, or what my next steps for the upcoming months should be. So I thought the Career DevelopmentBootcamp would really kick me into gear on taking charge of my own career, and boy did it!

My biggest transformations and takeaways from bootcamp: Biggest takeaway is probably the mission statement you formulate early on. That and the support of having a group of people to bounce ideas off of, and share in the confusion of pursuing a music career!

My goals for the next 6 months: Applying for Young Artist programs, learning German (ist sehr gut!) and putting together a local production of Die Fledermaus.

You can expect me to blog about:  
Modern art, rock music, and breaking with convention in the classical music realm. Probably also strange metaphors and ways to pick yourself up again when life’s got you down.

My other hobbies and interests:
 Parrots, rock and roll, acting, obscure British comedy (and general Anglophilia), social dance, cartography, gourmet food, surrealism, costuming, nerdism.

One thing you’d be surprised to learn about me: All my main role models seem to be stand-up comedians. Although if you know me personally this probably isn’t that surprising.

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