Introducing: Christopher Goodpasture, Pianist

Name: Christopher Goodpasture

Instrument: Piano

Where you might see me perform: Los Angeles/Toronto areas

Why I participated in the iCadenza Career Development Bootcamp: To further my understanding of myself as an artist and to build upon and strategize my career developments.

My biggest transformations and takeaways from Bootcamp: I was able to bring my identity as a musician into clearer focus and based on what I discovered about myself, I was able to formulate a path for my career that I felt would be most beneficial for a successful future.

My goals for the next 6 months: To continue my education and broaden my opportunities for performance both in the US and abroad and to deepen my understanding of my instrument and its repertoire in relation to myself as a person

You can expect me to blog about: aspects of performance, anxiety, artistry, life experience, the piano

My other hobbies and interests: NBA basketball, fine dining, dogs

One thing you’d be surprised to learn about me: I’m a very skilled player at Super Smash Brothers for Gamecube. (strange, I know)

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