Introducing: Sarah Tatto, Soprano

Name: Sarah Tatto

Instrument/voice type: Soprano

Where you might see me perform: In an opera or concert

Why I participated in the iCadenza Career Development Bootcamp: I had stepped out music for a few years. I needed encouragement and support in being clearer with my goals and more effective with my marketing skills.

My biggest transformations and takeaways from Bootcamp: Creating a mission statement was a powerful exercise and the biggest takeaway from Bootcamp. It clarified the “why” I want to and need to perform.

My goals for the next 6 months: Realistic goals include: booking auditions for the fall and winter, learning new repertoire that I have been encouraged to master, sing in 3 concerts (already sung one this week!), networking and following through with leads, creating a new DVD and reworking my promotional materials.

You can expect me to blog about: I am in my thirties and have perspective of having stepped away from music and then stepping back into the industry. This experience is not unique to me.

My other hobbies and interests: I love to travel and when I’m not travelling I like to explore places near me and feel like a tourist. I’m a coffee snob (though I drink only 1 cup a day), would love to take a culinary course for a serious amateur and enjoying spending time with family and friends.

One thing you’d be surprised to learn about me: I love summer dresses and I enjoy reading the comics in the morning paper.

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