Introducing: Elizabeth Gentner, Soprano

Name: Elizabeth F. Gentner

Instrument/voice type: Soprano

Where you might see me perform: On YouTube or wherever the music takes me.

Why I participated in the iCadenza Career-Launch Bootcamp: Some trusted fellow musicians highly recommended the bootcamp. In times of transition, there is a need to have an external frame of reference. iCadenza provided a structure I could lean on during the transition my singing life is undergoing.

My biggest transformations and takeaways from boot camp: I committed to providing a structured daily routine that reminds me to return to my own source of strength and my own big ideas for every challenge I face.  In addition, I feel more in control of the process from practice to performance.

My goals for the next 6 months: Preparation for a European auditions tour!

You can expect me to blog about: Music, freedom, family, character development, business, history, fun and ADD

My other hobbies and interests: Swimming, my dog Bella and passing fancies

One thing you’d be surprised to learn about me: If I hadn’t gone into music, I would have gone into marine biology.

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