Looking Back on Idea to Impact 2021

This month, we celebrate the culmination of our seventh round of Idea To Impact, one of our signature iCadenza programs. Each completion is bittersweet, with a new cohort of I2I alumni out in the world, accelerating growth and change.

This fearless group started in the spring of 2021 and Julia and I have had so much fun witnessing their extraordinary growth and successes in the last six months.

A couple of weeks ago, I was prepping the final training session and getting ready for our final group coaching session with my colleague Julia Levitan. I thought it might be valuable for some of you if I share my reflections from coaching this group of extraordinary artists. 

For our last training session, I developed a kind of commencement speech to celebrate our members’ substantial achievements during the course and to send them off to continue their work with words of encouragement. 

Our close-knit group has been meeting weekly on video calls since March, chatting and sharing throughout the week on our group page, and connecting on our live trainings. Each weekly coaching with Julia and me includes a check-in on projects and each members’ progression through the Idea to Impact launch method. 

We answer questions as they come up

  • How do I approach my dream collaborator? 
  • Now that I have recordings and marketing materials, how do I get my project booked?
  • How can I marry the practical skills I’m learning with my intuitive guidance?

Our courageous clients have shared with this supportive group their stumbling blocks and fears. They’ve brought these insights to light with such grace and vision, and we’ve worked together on creating a path to move forward. 

We’ve celebrated major victories together – new concert collaborations, new clients, and major career breakthroughs.  

We’ve been able to introduce this special group of members to some of the most helpful, innovative, and inspiring professionals we know in the music industry – Sean Hagon, Marc Lowenstein, Jennifer Rosenfeld, Lisa Husseini, Chrysanthe Tan, and Andrew Ousley.  Each and every guest coach brought about mind-blowing insights and contributed to lighting all of our fires anew for creating great things through our work.  

Julia and I as coaches now get to watch our clients soar

Through the Idea to Impact method, each member has discovered how to turn their passion into a detailed vision for the future. Honing in on these questions: 

  • What do I love to do? 
  • How do I want to spend my time? 
  • Who am I passionate about serving?

Each client developed a business plan with a financial model, audience survey, and marketing plan. In other words, they decided

  • Who’s my audience? 
  • How will I reach them? 
  • How will they pay me for what I do? 

Then they went out and tested the idea. With their team of coaches and colleagues from Idea to Impact as a steady support, they put their ideas out into the world. They got feedback and refined their vision with help and encouragement from us. 

We’ve received so much positive feedback on the program from our participants. Here are a few thoughts they’ve shared with us: 

  • “It’s been quite a journey. I’ve never worked with coaches or a group like this. So it’s been really special. All I can say is I wish I’d done it a long time ago.
  • “We were so lucky to be guided by you. I felt supported by both of you emotionally and you made everything more tangible, much clearer and attainable.” 
  • “Thank you for all your help and all the ways that you were able to provide it.  I’m certain that I’m going to be able to move forward with all of my career plans. It’s been a blessing.”

So this month is both an ending and a new beginning. 

Our Idea to Impact members graduate and pilot the rocket they launched during the program. 

We are so proud and we’re always here to help with the next big launch, career pivot, or new adventure.

Congratulations, Idea to Impact members! You’re on your way! 

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