Why do they always seem to get the call?

Some people seem to know everyone

Do you know someone like this? Let’s call her Lucy. 

Lucy is always first to be recommended for a gig. 

Tons of people want to collaborate and work with her. 

When she has a favor to ask, needs people to come to an event, or requires contributors to a fundraiser, lots of people are happy to support her. 

Does Lucy have some magical powers of charm and influence? Is she the best musician anyone knows? Is she just lucky? 

The answer to all these questions is NO. 

Musicians with a thriving, helpful network don’t have magical powers, aren’t necessarily the best performers and don’t rely on luck. 

At iCadenza we know musicians and we know the music business. 

Musicians that get recommendations, collaborate often, and have tons of supporters have one thing in common: They are master networkers.

How do you become a master networker?  

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a charming, extroverted show person who is always “on”. 

It just takes steady practice – we know how to do that as musicians – and understanding a few key points

What you need to be the best networker you can be: 

  1. Get Clear on Your Mission and Vision 
  2. Get Your Mindset Ready to Connect with Others
  3. Block Off Time in Your Calendar for Networking
  4. Pick One Event to Attend Each Month
  5. Set Reminders to Follow-Up

Want more details on how to put these into action? 

CLICK HERE to receive your free guide: 3 Secrets to Supercharge Your Network 

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