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Podcast #44: Creative Thinking with Susan de Weger

 We’ve talked a lot about the zig-zag path your career in music will likely take. One of the common “zags” is walking away from music altogether. Whether a teacher discouraged you, you weren’t making ends meet, or you failed at your big moment… there are lots of reasons musicians


Passing the Baton and New Beginnings

At the very end of 2008, Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport and I entered a business plan competition at Tufts University, where she was a student. We were seniors in college, clueless about where our lives and careers would lead us, but we had a shared passion for the performing arts. Our


5 Entrepreneurial Professions for Musicians

Being a musician can be a rewarding experience: playing live shows, being creative and writing music, and doing what you love to do. However, these rewards, at least at first, come with one major drawback: you won’t be paid much at all when you’re just starting out. Many musicians find