A Little Black Coffee – Karen Hogle Brown

I had always sung growing up, but it was more of a hobby of mine rather and it didn’t hold the passion that playing instruments held for me. However, curiosity finally got the better of me in high school, and I auditioned for choir where I met Mr. Williams. He was an incredibly tall, goofy … Read more

I Should Do What? – Rachel Payne

My grandmother must have read it in Good Housekeeping magazine.  “If you’ve burned yourself, put butter on it to stop the swelling.” Well ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t work! In fact, it makes the burning worse.  Such can be the case for any advice we get in life. Especially career advice. If I were to … Read more

What Your Body Knows – Lindsay Feldmeth

My body knows how to sing. I have studied vocal technique for fifteen years, and I’ve studied with some legendary voice teachers. I feel so privileged to have worked with each one of them. And yet, almost every voice teacher I’ve known has given me the same rotten piece of advice:   “Forget what you learned … Read more

Losing the Student Mindset – Amanda McAllister

I think the worst career advice I have received was the advice to get a masters degree in vocal performance.  Let me be clear, I’m not opposed to getting advanced degrees in the arts.  If that is the path you’re destined for, God bless you!  I will say this, though.  Applying for and auditioning for … Read more