Podcast #3: David Bamberger


This episode features an interview with David Bamberger, an acclaimed stage director. He is the Artistic Director at the Cleveland Institute of Music’s Opera Program, and a founder of the Cleveland Opera, which he ran as General Director for 28 years. I was interested to speak with David to learn how he has navigated wearing … Read more

7 Time Management Tips for Busy Musicians

Do you ever feel like you’re living a double life? In one life, you’re a musician; in another, you’re a fill-in-the-blank. Whether you’re a solo performer or part of an ensemble, whether you’re working full time or part time, whether you’re raising a family or just trying to take care of yourself — leading this … Read more

5 Books Every Creative Should Own


We met Ellen McSweeney at The SAVVY Musician in Action at the University of South Carolina in June 2015. Immediately, we were so impressed by her leadership, creativity, and encouraging attitude.She is a multi-faceted musician and creator, as well as a brilliant writer. After SAVVY ended, we became big fans of Ellen’s weekly newsletter, The … Read more