The Death of Creativity – Aumna Iqbal

Very little of what I do is creative on a day to day basis. You’d think that being a musician implies an inherent creativity, but most of the time I find myself treading the well worn paths set out by others or by myself in the work of being a musician. It’s an easy trap … Read more

Surfing the Imagination – Lindsay Feldmeth

Some people think that creativity cannot be taught. “You either have it or you don’t,” they say. But I happen to know that this is total bunk. Music education is all about training the imagination! And because I’m passionate about singing well, my own imagination is constantly getting stretched, tweaked and cultivated. In the classic … Read more

Keeping a Balance – Sarah Tatto

I am a creative person. From the daydreams that blossom into a flood of ideas, the ability to problem solve from varying perspectives or the knack of seeing the special in the ordinary, I would be hard pressed to give you a moment in my life when creative thinking did not play a crucial part … Read more

Creativity: Where Imagination and Tenacity Meet – Amanda McAllister

I find that creativity shows up almost every day in my life. Whether it’s navigating traffic in Los Angeles, cooking dinner, organizing my schedule for the day, facilitating a problem solving session, building a character idea for an opera, or thinking about how to approach my performance career. Creativity is defined as “the ability to … Read more