When Nothing Goes How You Planned

Tell me if this sounds familiar. The new year is here and everywhere you turn you are bombarded with messages of reflection and gratitude. Your social media feed becomes a highlights reel of everyone else’s accomplishments, accolades, and achievements. And every sparkling photo and #blessed you see hits you hard like a knife to the … Read more

THAT Was Awkward! How to Survive Life’s Uncomfortable Moments

Being a perfectionist, I have a very high bar for what a “smooth” interaction should look like and how it should go. But life doesn’t work like that. And sometimes situations can get, well… awkward. When I experience an awkward moment, I have to stop myself from going down a rabbit hole of actively “fixing it,” apologizing for it, … Read more

Musician & Entrepreneur: How to Wear Both Hats and Find Success

“Making music and running an entrepreneurial career are dual roles now required of today’s artists.” The quote is from an article out of Berklee College of Music. But you don’t need Berklee to tell you that; you’ve likely seen the truth of this statement for yourself. You’re seeing more and more musicians booking their own … Read more