Living Outside the Box – Lindsay Feldmeth

When I tell people that I’m an opera singer, they often gasp in surprise. That’s because most people don’t think opera is a real job. I might just as easily have said that I’m a dragon slayer or an alchemist. And then, when I tell them that I don’t belong to a company, but travel … Read more

Finding My Wings – Amanda McAllister

So what am I doing differently since Bootcamp? I’m taking time to celebrate and be happy. I know it sounds cheesy and superfluous, but it is something that I’ve allowed myself to struggle with far too long. It is an interesting predicament to be an artist in the 21st century. We have so much information … Read more

Mirror, Mirror – Rachel Payne

My mother used to tell me I was beautiful.  She’d go on and on about how classic my features are and that one day, my beauty would be appreciated by everyone.  Only a few minutes after such complements she’d proceed to tell me that if only I were a little skinnier or got my nose … Read more

A Professional Perspective – Karen Hogle Brown

The theme for this month is “Things I’m doing differently.” We asked our Bootcamp Bloggers what new career choices they are making in 2012, and what is inspiring this change in behavior. Since completing iCadenza Career Bootcamp in 2011, I have really tried to let the process of self promotion sink into my daily life … Read more