Introducing: Aumna Iqbal, Mezzo-soprano

  Name: Aumna Iqbal Where you might see me perform: In the Los Angeles/Orange County areaInstrument/voice type: Mezzo-soprano Why I participated in the iCadenza Career Development Bootcamp: I had had a few phone calls with various members of iCadenza, and after I finished talking to them I always felt like I had a clearer idea of what my career … Read more

Welcome new bloggers!

In the coming days and weeks you can look forward to getting to know our newest bloggers, who will be joining Lindsay, Karen, Amanda, and Rachel in sharing about their journeys and experiences post Bootcamp. Get excited!

The Art of Listening – Lindsay Feldmeth

Opera doesn’t always prepare you for real-life situations. My education in stagecraft did not include many “practical skills,” unless you include sword-fighting and swooning.  I certainly know how to: a) fall in love with a tenor b) go insane c) die of grief or d) slay an enemy. But if there are no tenors or … Read more

Letting go is not giving up – Amanda McAllister

One of the things I’ve been learning lately is how to let go.  It’s a concept that has pervaded my personal and singing life.  For months, my coach has been telling me to ‘have fun’ and to ‘play’ in my performances.  I watched myself seize with terror as I feebly attempted to ‘have fun’ with … Read more