Podcast #20: Hila Plitmann


If you feel like you don’t fit the “traditional” mold of a singer or instrumentalist, this episode is for you. Soprano Hila Plitmann fell in love with musical theater as a young girl. She attended Juilliard and did all the things that young opera singers do, like taking auditions and writing letters, but something didn’t … Read more

Podcast #19: Astrid Baumgardner


Meet New York City-based career coach, Astrid Baumgardner. You’ll hear about how she uses research on happiness and emotional intelligence with her clients, as well as her duties as a board member and the trends she sees working with many 22- to 30-year-old freelancers. As president of Astrid Baumgardner Coaching + Training, she coaches musicians, … Read more

Using Excel to Track Your Contacts? 5 Better (And Free!) CRM Systems for Musicians

Success in the performing industry relies heavily on your relationships, whether they be with presenters, bloggers, PR people, fellow artists, critics, or fans. The problem? Without a reliable system, managing your contacts gets overwhelming. It’s easy to forget who you’ve reached out to and what the outcome of your conversation was. Most musicians have tried … Read more