Musician & Entrepreneur: How to Wear Both Hats and Find Success

“Making music and running an entrepreneurial career are dual roles now required of today’s artists.” The quote is from an article out of Berklee College of Music. But you don’t need Berklee to tell you that; you’ve likely seen the truth of this statement for yourself. You’re seeing more and more musicians booking their own … Read more

Podcast #18: Bruce Adolphe


Are you a multi-passionate musician? Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate passions outside of music into your work? Bruce Adolphe is an accomplished composer, educator, performer, and author who has built relationships with neuroscientists, major presenting institutions, and a well-known radio network to share his own findings and insights on music with a … Read more

Podcast #17: Jean Davidson


What does it take to become the CEO of a major arts organization? Just like becoming a successful performer, there is no one path to becoming a CEO. Jean Davidson, the President and CEO of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, joins Kelly to talk about a few of her big breaks early in her career. … Read more