Afraid to Post on Social Media? How to Overcome Your Fears of Promoting Your Music Online

One of the most common fears our clients have — whether they’re private coaching clients or part of our Coro Community — is posting on social media. They get hung up on questions like… “Do I want to be that person who’s always promoting themselves?” “Does posting on social media cheapen my art?” “What exactly should I say?” “Does … Read more

Podcast #36: Scott Harrison

Today I had the chance to talk with Scott Harrison, the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, about fundraising, the art of differentiation, and the importance of collaborations. He gives future (and current) arts administrators tips on how to approach fundraising so that it’s easier and more successful. We also touch on how … Read more

Career Advisor or Career Coach? How to Maximize Your Music Students’ Success by Being Both

As a music educator, career advisor, or music mentor, you have a deep passion for helping your students succeed. But it’s easy to feel fenced in by the traditional methodology and rigid expectations of what it means to support your students. You’ve probably found that your students require more than a list of job opportunities, … Read more

Podcast #35: Eunbi Kim

How do you know if you’re making the right decisions and moving your career in the right direction? If you’re anything like most musicians, you’re probably experiencing no small amount of fear (and that’s ok). I sat down with pianist Eunbi Kim to talk about her multi-disciplinary project Murakami Music and all the personal realizations … Read more