Podcast #7: Flutist Sarah Robinson


In this episode our new podcast host, Kelly Kasle, talks to rock star flutist Sarah Robinson. They discuss how Sarah’s original goals changed over time because of life obstacles (like the 2008 Financial Crisis), as well as career challenges presented by the classical music industry. She stresses to young classical musicians the importance of expanding … Read more

Musicians, Are You Ready for a Booking Agent?

The frustrating truth about the music industry is that becoming the best musician you can be doesn’t guarantee success — nor does it guarantee that you’ll get noticed by a manager or booking agent. These days, you’re required to be more than a musician. You’re expected to find and grow an audience, promote your own music, … Read more

Artist Interview: Cathy Di Toro

Whether she’s appearing in her high-energy bands, “Party Like It’s” and “The Legwarmers,” or organizing a great night of female-led bands at Tortoise and Hare, Cathy Di Toro is a force of nature. As both a performer and show organizer and booker, Cathy is also a great example of how being an artist and a … Read more