Oh the humanity! Mistakes and performance – Aumna Iqbal

Weirdly enough, I actually really like it when things go wrong on stage. These moments are the most memorable, and the best to recount as war stories later on. Probably my favorite performance mishap is when I was playing Mad Margaret in Ruddigore in 2006, and on opening night all of our lighting cues got … Read more

The Show Must Go On – Rachel Payne

I was taking my time getting ready for a grand entrance in the ball scene of My Fair Lady. The intermission had been determined to be placed just before the big reveal in order to have enough time to get all gussied up for Henry Higgins. He was supposed to fall madly in love with … Read more

The Nearsighted Soprano – Lindsay Feldmeth

“Don’t move a muscle,” said the stage director. “Don’t even blink.” I was standing on a rehearsal stage in Salzburg, staring lifelessly into the auditorium. Mechanically, I lifted one arm, jerking my fan away from face in a single robotic movement. Then I began to sing, “Les oiseux dans la charmille…” I was singing the … Read more

The Games We Play – Sarah Tatto

Have you ever watched a perfect game where the athletes never fumble a ball, miss the net or mess up a practiced strategy? Probably not. That scenario would be highly unlikely. The same holds true in music. There have been moments where I have seen performers, including myself, fumble the pass. With the play interrupted … Read more

If the Shoe Fits – Karen Hogle Brown

In my first leading role I ever sang, I sang the title character in La Perichole by Offenbach. In the first act, she is a street performer with her boyfriend, singing in the streets to make money to eat. Our costume designer put some very fun sandals on me that had leather straps that crisscrossed … Read more