Podcast #25: Steve Hackman


Do you love both pop and classical music but have always thought about the two genres as totally separate worlds? Today’s guest has found a way to combine pop and classical music in a mashup format, and has a fulfilling career swimming between both worlds. Steve Hackman is a conductor, composer, arranger, producer, and songwriter. … Read more

Fabiana Claure on What It Takes to Turn Your Craft into a Viable Business

Meet Dr. Fabiana Claure, a multifaceted concert pianist, educator, and entrepreneur. As Director of Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music at the University of North Texas and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Superior Academy of Music in Miami, FL, Dr. Claure is a leader among entrepreneurial musicians — and a great inspiration for all … Read more

Podcast #24: Beth Morrison


How do you take an idea and turn it into an opera? Today on the show Beth Morrison gives us an overview of what it takes to produce an opera, from the original concept to opening night. Beth Morrison is the founder and creative director of Beth Morrison Projects (BMP), an organization that identifies and … Read more