5 Fast Press Kit Updates You Can Make Today to Get the Gig

If you’re like most musicians, this is what happens when you’re trying to decide if you should sit down to revamp your press kit: The process can feels so time-consuming and overwhelming that many musicians procrastinate for months (sometimes years!) and potentially miss out on getting the opportunities that will help move their career forward. But what if … Read more

Podcast #14: MaryClare Brzytwa


Is your dream job a possibility? MaryClare Brzytwa went from touring Europe as an electronic musician, producer and improviser to becoming an executive director and founder of a department at one of the top conservatories in the United States. She took deliberate steps in her career to learn new skills and try out different jobs … Read more

Finding Freedom – Elizabeth Gentner

This was a year of transition, more than progress, and of making hard choices for long term benefits.  At the end of last year, I made a commitment to change just about everything in my life to more aggressively pursue my goals as a musician. Literally moving across the country made these hard decisions more … Read more

No Room for the Negative – Karen Hogle Brown

I am a big goal setter. I find it helps keep myself on track to where I want to go, however, in January I usually begin the new year with a thorough self-flogging about how I did not accomplish all I wanted to last year, and how another year has passed and I don’t feel … Read more